The Scales of War

Arc 6: The Temple Between (Completed)

After only resting for a short time, the adventurers were indirectly asked to see the priestess of Erathis named Haelyn living in the old Ninebells District of Overlook. It turns another priestess of Erathis responsible for a shrine in the different part of the city has gone missing and replaced with a scruffy man named Grovald. Unsatisfied with the answer she was given that her friend was on a spiritual retreat, Haelyn questioned the priests of the other temples but received unusually cold responses from each of them.

The adventurers began their investigation to the ‘missing’ priestess and found several intriguing elements.

Although they seemed normal to the rest of the party, Joss sensed the minds of the priests were being remotely controlled through the use of psionic magic.

A broad daylight B&E into the house of the missing priestess yielded burnt parchment paper that indicated specific instructions and timetables and orders to remain as inconspicuous as possible until a certain event has occurred.

Now suspecting the new priest of Erathis for having a hand in the disappearance of Haeylyn’s friend, the party returned at night to investigate the plots and found the decaying body of a female wearing the garbs of Erathis’ followers. Concluding it was the person they were looking for, they did not leave the grounds soon enough as Grovald and a bunch of street thugs appear and confront the adventurers.

After successfully overturning the nighttime ambush and beating Grovald into submission, the impersonator reveals he was hired to act as a priest of Erathis until an event occurs within the city, though what event it is he doesn’t know but was told by his employer Zithuruun that he would know it when it happens. In exchange for this information, the party allows Grovald to escape Overlook and never to return.

Armed with this information, the adventurers informed the captain of the Overlook Watch about the events that has occurred and their suspicions about the religious leaders. Captain Aerun thanks the adventurers for their help and promised them that he will assign the necessary guards to investigate further when the time is right, as he does not have the resources to commit to it at that time. Though the adventurers were eager to follow up on it, the captain was insistent that they should rest.

Not quite ready to stop halfway, the adventurers attempted to track other leads that would provide additional clues revealing who was plotting against the city. Acting on information about a middleman, the party discover that Captain Aerun was actually a doppleganger and proceeded to chase him into a warehouse. The doppleganger noticing the party, quickly alerted a hostile group of ruffians and attempted to ambush the party.

After the fight concluded, the party found a secret underground hallway and room that had a lone prisoner in it, the High Father Durkik of Moradin’s church. After freeing him they learn that a sinister plot was being performed, replacing important politicians and religious figures in preparation for something big. Durkik was interrogated because the enemy wanted to find an easier entrance into a ancient temple of Moradin that lies deep within the Stonehome Mountains.

Durkik leads the party into the Moradin temple in Overlook and instructs them to enter a portal that would lead them into the ancient temple and asks them to find an artifact called the Inculabulum Primeval. The book would be an important tool for Durkik to use to turn the tides on whatever threats that will emerge.

The adventurers entered the portal and arrived within an ancient temple dedicated to Moradin and were just as quickly trapped within as the temple’s defense mechanisms activated to repel intruders and trap those who already infiltrated the complex. The adventurers fought their way through fey bandits who were looting the temple and vicious looking to wipe the temple of all living creatures, they even got caught in a three-way fight and had to retreat and recuperate before attempting to finish off the remaining forces.

The adventurers encountered a gaunt hooded figure whose left torso was covered in metal and leather straps that seemed to be the only outer layer the humanoid possessed. Although they did not see his face, the physical description of his height and equipment informed the group that he was most likely the mastermind behind what was happening in Overlook. Before the party could catch up to him, he escaped through a tunnel that led deeper into the mountains. And in the meantime he left his allies behind to deal with the party. Eventually the party triumphed over the mixed group of dragonborn, trolls, and stone constructs.

As the party was searching the room they find an Azer tied up in a corner room and eventually they cure him of whatever affliction was put on him. The Azer has no name, but was known simple as the Caretaker, the one in charge of maintaining the temple. However he was captured by the enemy and interrogated about several natural and constructed features of the temple, but the methods of interrogation clouded the Azer who was linked to the defense mechanisms within the temple, explaining why all the portals were not functioning and why a dwarven Eidolon depicting Moradin was aiding the trolls.

The Azer helped the party retrieve the Incunabulum Primeval from a different part of the temple and deactivated the defense mechanisms to allow the party to return back into Overlook’s Moradin temple safely. The party went to the Council of Elders and informed them of a plot to invade Overlook and helped the council prepare for war.

The battle started much sooner than anyone expected, but luckily sufficient preparation was made to hold off the outside forces of trolls, dragonborn, and other mercenaries looking to plunder the dwarven stronghold. Eventually the party encountered Zithuruun as he entered the fray on his undead dragon mount, Rathoraiax. Though it was a challenge, the party managed to kill Zithuruun in the battle, which demoralized the enemy army and caused them to scatter back into the wild.



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