The Scales of War

Asar-Xul: Rebirth of a Swordmage

Upon the death of a swordmage who perished in a stream of elemental chaos, his life essence was transported to the elemental plane. While still not aware of itself and no recollection of its past, a servant of the mighty Bashamgurda, Lord Efreet of the City of Brass, collected the soul as a meal for its master. When the great efreet plucked the semi-sentient spirit from his dish, ready to devour it, the soul bristled with fear, releasing jolts of pain to the efreet’s hand. Amused and finding this meal of his to be so peculiar, the efreet bestowed upon the soul a physical form, that of a stormsoul genasi, suitable for the shock he was able to produce. The efreet named him Asar-Xul and explained that he could keep his physical form in exchange for serving under him as a janissary, acting as a slave soldier in his army of elemental beings. Asar-Xul accepted his chance at rebirth, but found integration among the efreet’s various servants to be difficult.

Fortunately, Asar-Xul was given tasks to work on independently, seeking out enemies of the lord efreet, and found himself few times within his master’s domain. On one particular mission, he was sent to root out an insane psion who had been sowing nightmares among laborers while they slept. However, the psion, in an act of self-destruction, opened a rift into the Far Realm, which pulled both Asar-Xul and his foe into the distant reaches of existence. Finding himself flung away and utterly alone amid nothingness, Asar-Xul prayed for salvation, but for days there was no reply. In fact, his master had called out for him to return after having learned of his disappearance. Despite his efforts, Bashamgurda could not summon his janissary from such a distance, so that he presumed Asar-Xul to be dead. Instead, after several days, Asar-Xul found a glowing object appear out from nothing and whisper to him to follow. Having stayed in the same place for days, he thought this apparition to be some figment of his own madness, when in fact it was a divine spirit. Willing himself to press on, he surprisingly found himself to be drawn forward until he was brought before a portal of fiery, radiant energy. He obeyed the glowing apparition and threw himself into the portal, believing there to be no other option for himself.

To his astonishment, he was brought to a mortal world, but his strength suddenly failed and he fell into unconsciousness. A family of farmers cautiously took him into their home and let him rest there. While asleep, the lord efreet contacted him in his dreams, having felt his existence once more. Instead of summoning him back to Brass, Bashamgurda took the advantage of his location to order Asar-Xul in the task of finding something that belongs to him in the nearby city of Overlook. After giving thanks to the family, he departed in the direction of his goal. And upon reaching the city, he felt a spark of some old arcane energy that was strangely familiar, which he followed until he found an abandoned mask resting atop a magical sword. After cleaning it off, he recognized it as a warforged faceplate; however, it was deplete of any magic that could sustain it. The sword he took with him as well, feeling like it had some connection to him in the past.



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