The Scales of War

Unleashed Wind

Karogg left a note declaring his leave of absence with a lengthy explanation: “Gone. Back later. Karogg.” He had been spending the last few months trying to find more information on his family or any of his bloodline. He could discern which of his race still followed Baphomet by the look in their eyes when they saw a white-furred minotaur. His blood had been persecuted for generations and left in the lower rungs of the minotaur society. Karogg had heard stories of his people once being slaves to the Baphomet clansmen, yet he wondered if the current situation was so different. He had worked hard to achieve his rank of Chief Executor of the Winterbreach Valley. However, it was a solitary position; no one would be his acquaintance. He could not tell if this had been a result of his occupation or that of his ancestry. It was not until later that he came to realize it was one and the same – some time after his village had been razed.

The culprit was obvious – the charred skull of a dead minotaur, a mark of the Baphomet clan. Ever since fleeing the area, Karogg had sought vengeance against them. Numerous opportunities had risen, but most recently they had resulted in failures. This is how he found himself in Overlook, aiding a new adventuring party led by Balasar and Joss. He needed time to recover and calm his rage, having realized that he was spiraling into self-destruction. Then, he had overheard some of the Baphomet clansmen in Overlook speaking about “white-rugs” they had captured. Karogg quickly scribbled his note and left it on Joss’ door, rushing out to track down those clansmen to their den.

Keeping his distance safely away from their notice, Karogg wound through hilly fields. Seeing a campsite up ahead, he readied his weapons. However, as he drew closer, there were no signs of any life. He noticed too late that it was a trap, and a dozen foes sprang up seemingly from nowhere. Slashes started to carve up his skin as he was being overwhelmingly attacked, although he had taken a handful down before he could feel that his strength was sapping away. As he was ready to fall to his knees, a dwarf leaped into the circle of villains that were surrounding Karogg. This dwarf was able to dispatch a few of them instantaneously, and his display reinvigorated Karogg to fight on. Together they were able to silence the Baphomet ambushers, and fled to safety.

The dwarf lead them to a monastery where Karogg spent several days recovering from his wounds. When Karogg had awakened, the dwarf revealed himself to be a monk by the name of Angvar who had been the leader of this monastery. He had been running late to return that day, when he heard clashing of steel. Angvar sensed a great ferocity in Karogg, which drew him closer. The monk proposed that Karogg should learn to tame his nature to become a greater warrior. Angvar offered his own broadsword to Karogg, and insisted that he should stay at the monastery to properly wield them. Karogg accepted that his fury was uncontrolled and wanted to rely on his prowess to achieve victory rather than his bestial nature. For months, he stayed with Angvar training all hours of daylight to hone his martial abilities. Eventually, Angvar conceded that his monastic technique of the unleashed wind had been mastered by Karogg. After giving his thanks, Karogg made his way back to Overlook.



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