The largest city within the Elsir Vale, it is a dwarven stronghold that serves as a center of commerce for the region and a last line of defense against the savages that live beyond the Stonehome Mountains.

Population: 12,250 residents, with another 5000 living in smaller settlements on the outskirts of the city. Consists mostly of dwarves, humans, and halflings, but there are small communities comprised of all other races including elves, eladrin, dragonborn, tieflings, minotaurs, and half-orcs. Population volume and density change according to the day and occassion, as one can see a wide variety of races, cultures, and beliefs.

Government: The Council of Elders (3 male and 2 female dwarves) govern Overlook. Each member is elected into office and serves a 10-year term. Great Elder Morgott Stonefirst is the leader of the Council, though there are rumors that this term will be his last before retiring. One representative from the eight districts of Overlook attends the Council. Although they serve as advisors and hold considerable influence outside of the Council, they do not have any real authority.

Defense: Garrison of 150 warriors armed and very well trained to combat any threat. In times of war or emergencies, 500 additional warriors from the local militia and 100 from outlying settlements can be called to aid the city. Bordrin’s Watch is constantly staffed with 500 warriors ready to handle any threats within the mountains and beyond, serving as the first line of defense against any invasion from the savage west. Overlook also carries various defensive pacts from various towns and cities to call on their local militia if the threat encompasses the security of the entire Elsir Vale.

Districts: Blister, Boneyard, Elftown, Forgeworks, High Hall, Nine Bells, Stonehammer, Tradetown, Shantytown (unofficial)

Inns: Beldin’s Rest; Cadrick’s Boarding House; Clean Sheets; House of Sleep; Mountain’s Hearth; Polliver’s; the Turned Spoon, and many more…

Taversn: Coxcomb Spirits; Dergan’s XXX Brewery, Michael’s Blond; Pickled Imp; Pig and Bucket; the Salty Mug, and many more…

Supplies: Dungeoneer’s Survival Emporium; Elsir Consortium; Merty’s; Stonehome Treasures

Temples: Divine Knot (various); Shrine of Erathis; Stone Anvil (Moradin)


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